PhD Students and Research Masters

PhD Graduated

  1. Dr Catherine Allan - "Improving the outcomes of adaptive management at the regional scale".
  2. Dr Ian Byron -" Assessing and Managing burnout in Landcare members, leaders and coordinators".
  3. Dr Myriam Ghali - "Priority-setting in stream rehabilitation: A special case of organisational decision-making in Natural Resource Management".
  4. Dr Gillian Earl: with Dr Catherine Allan (CSU) and Dr Vivienne Turner (DSE). “Can we apply a duty of care to improve biodiversity outcomes at a regional scale?”.
  5. Dr Andrea Maria Grant with Professor Margaret Alston, Professor John Tulloch, Professor Allan Curtis and A/Prof Ian Gray "Situating analysis of pest and disease import risk in Australian agriculture: Towards a post structural sociocultural theory of biosecurity risk communication"
  6. Dr Chris Harrington: with Dr Rosemary Black (CSU). “Interactive Space and Place: Exploring communities and natural resource governance at The Living Murray ”.
  7. Dr Emily Mendham -"Rural property turnover and the rural rebound: trends, challenges and opportunities for natural resource management".
  8. Ms Gina Lennox with Dr Robert Farquharson (UMelb) and Dr Angela Ragusa (CSU). "Absentee ownership of rural land: Modes, trends and implications".
  9. Dr Joanne Millar - "The role of farmer knowledge in developing temperate pasture and grazing systems in southern Australia".
  10. Dr Wendy Minato with Professor Tony Jakeman (ANU) and Dr Catherine Allan (CSU). "Assessing the relative influence of policy instruments and demographic change on improvements in native vegetation".
  11. Dr Michael Mitchell - “Can the process of triple bottom line reporting lead to enhanced sustainability?”.
  12. Dr Eloise Seymour: with Prof David Pannell (UWA), Dr Anna Ridley (DPI) and Dr Catherine Allan. “Natural asset valuation: consideration of held and assigned community values in NRM decision- making”.
  13. Dr Jonathan Sobels - "Investigating the impact of landcare networks: the role of social capital".
  14. Dr Emily Sharp: with Dr Rik Thwaites (CSU) and Dr Joanne Millar (CSU) . “ The role of trust in wildfire management strategies in Southeast Australia ”.
  15. Dr Hugh Stewart - “Social dimensions of planted forests in new landscapes”.
  16. Dr Lukas Wibowo with Dr Digby Race (CSU). " Optimising the policy and institutional settings for community-based forest management in Indonesia".

  17. Dr Sylvia Zukowski with A/Prof Robyn Watts (CSU).“ What information is required for sustainable recreational freshwater fishery regulations in Australia ?”

PhD Current Enrolments

  1. Ms Theresa Groth with Dr Emily Mendham (CSU) and A/Prof Eric Toman (Ohio State University). " The role of occupational identity in multi-functional landscapes"
  2. Ms Saideepa Kumar with Dr Emily Mendham (CSU) and Dr Wendy Merritt, (ANU). "Integrating different knowledge types to establish environmental condition targets."
  3. Ms Christine Kershaw with Prof David Pannell (UWA) and Sally Marsh (UWA) "Understanding investment decision processes within regional natural resource management organisations".
  4. Ms Andrea Rawluk with Dr Emily Sharp (CSU). "What governance arrangements will enable rural communities to implement Managed Aquifer Recharge using large flood events to both optimise the social, economic and ecological benefits of this technology and represent the needs and perspectives of stakeholders?
  5. Mr Vijay Kuttapapan with Dr Michael Mitchell and A/Prof Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran (Tamil Nadu State Agricultural University, India) "Urban migration in tank irrigation communities in South India: extent, trends, impacts and implications for food security."
  6. Ms Jennifer Sherry with Dr Eric Toman (OSU) and Dr Shelby Laird (CSU) Topic TBA
  7. Ms Katrina Sinclair with Dr Michael Mitchell (CSU). "In a changing climate how will farming systems exposed to reduced water availability respond to secure a sustainable future?".
Research Masters Graduated
  1. Mr Digby Race - "An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Farm Forestry Program as a catalyst in developing viable regional farm forestry in Australia".
  2. Mr Royce Sample -"The influence of regional experience on environmental policy in Victoria ”.
  3. Mr Paul Dettmann - "Quality, management and value to landholders of remnant vegetation in the box-ironbark region of Victoria".